Goalrilla Shows Salt Some Love with the Hoopbus and Project Backboard

During the Fourth Annual NBA All-Star Weekend Celebration, Goalrilla Basketball partnered with The Hoop Bus and Project Backboard and donated four of our DC72EI in-ground basketball hoops to schools in Salt Lake City, Utah. During the NBA All-Star Game Weekend, the DC72 hoops were installed at two local schools that had no basketball courts.

goalrilla basketball project backboard the hoopbus DC72EI goals

The Hoopbus is a non-profit organization that travels across the United States of America in a school bus while they build communities through the sport of basketball. The Hoopbus organization is dedicated to promoting the sport of basketball and encouraging children and young adults to experience community connection through the power of sport. Representatives from the Hoopbus organization stated: “A very special thanks to @goalrillasports & @project_backboard for sponsoring new courts for Salt Lake City schools that didn’t have any. We hope that these will generate many buckets rain or snow, and that these hoops will keep inspiring the next generation.”

project back board partner with goalrilla basketball to donate in ground hoops to the hoopbus organization

Project Backboard is an organization that was founded in the year 2015. Their mission is to renovate public basketball courts and “install larger works of site-specific art on the surface  in order to strengthen communities, improve park safety, encourage multi-generational play, and inspire people to think more critically and creatively about their environment.” (https://projectbackboard.org/).

DC72EI in ground basketball hoop goalrilla donation to salt lake city

Goalrilla’s DC72E1 In-Ground basketball hoops are unlike any other adjustable basketball goals. This hoop uses Direct Connect Technology that transfers the energy of a dunk to the steel rather than the glass for the ability to withstand up to one ton of pressure. The basketball goal's rugged steel is powder coated for ultimate rust and UV protection. The hoop’s specifications consist of a 72" x 42" backboard, 1/2" thick, 6" x 8" pole size, and 4' overhang. The hoop also features dual-welded board arms that support the regulation size basketball backboard featuring tempered glass as well. When someone purchases a DC72EI hoop with Goalrilla, they also receive a basketball pole pad, backboard pad, heavy weight flex rim, and an anchor kit along with it. Our hoops are Goalrilla tough — beyond the strength needed for the most brutal play.

salt lake city utah basketball hoop donations from the hoopbus with goalrilla in ground basketball goals

The Goalrilla team is grateful to help spread the gift of basketball around the world.

"We are thrilled to share the love of basketball with local schools in Salt Lake City that were without," says Emily Patton, Brand Manager of Goalrilla Basketball. "At Goalrilla, we always want to help give back to communities big and small and encourage the young athletes to dream bigger."

To check out all other Goalrilla goals along with the DC72EI hoop, visit our website link here: https://www.goalrilla.com/collections/all-hoops

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