Goalrilla Basketball Buying Guide - Buy Basketball Hoop Near Me

So Which Hoop is Right for You?

A basketball hoop is a large purchase so it’s important to consider your needs to make an informed buying decision. We break down each of the factors to consider and the types of basketball goals to help you find the hoop right for you.

Top Considerations

A few factors to consider during your search for the right basketball goal are location, frequency of use, age of players, and budget.

An important factor to consider before purchasing your basketball goal is its location. To fully enjoy your hoop, you need to have adequate playing space that can accommodate the size of your hoop and the number of people playing on it. You want a minimum of 10 feet of concrete in front of your goal, but preferably closer to 15 feet which is the distance of the free throw line.

By far the most popular location for any basketball hoop is in a flat driveway. However, if you have an adequate budget and space and are looking to take your basketball experience to the next level, you may consider a dedicated court with two installed hoops on either end of a 94 ft by 50 ft concrete court.

For safety reasons, it is not recommended to place a basketball hoop in or overhanging onto the street where oncoming cars could harm players.

Lastly, be sure to check with your homeowner’s association and local laws, as some neighborhoods and ordinances prohibit goals near the street or in the driveway. If you plan on purchasing an in-ground unit, be sure to call 811 before you dig to mark gas or electrical lines that may not be immediately visible.

The two parts that are most heavily used and usually the first to fail on a basketball goal are the backboard and rim. With the backboard being one of the most expensive parts of the basketball hoop, you’ll want to ensure you purchase the right one from the beginning to avoid problems in the future.

All Goalrilla basketball goals come with a breakaway rim standard so you don’t have to worry about whether or not you can dunk on your goal. Compared to standard static rims, breakaway rims are used in college and the pros and have flexibility, that allow them to “break-away” or compress under pressure, transferring the shock of a dunk to the pole rather than the backboard, or even worse, the player.

The secret is in the spring that allows the rim to move slightly down during a dunk. No matter how often you use your goal or the intensity of play, your rim will be able to stand up to all the shots, dunks and late-night play it’ll experience.

A Goalrilla is an investment. If it’s your first time purchasing a basketball goal, it will be your last time. There are basketball hoops still standing since our inception in 1991. While proper care and maintenance are important, Goalrilla’s commitment to quality parts, durable design, and outstanding customer service are what really help to keep these goals in play.

No matter your age or your children’s age, there’s a Goalrilla that’s right for you. Most people looking for an in-ground basketball goal are also looking for adjustability, so their children can grow with the goal. All Goalrillas come standard with height adjustability from 7.5’ to 10’ so children of any age can easily adjust the goal to the perfect height.

Almost all youth basketball leagues set goals to 8’ or higher, regardless of age. Apart from the goal itself, the only other equipment that changes is the size of the ball. Younger children use a smaller ball, but will still shoot on an 8’ to 8.5’ goal until they reach around 11-12 years of age. Additionally, basketball sizes are different for men and women, even at the pro level.

If you or your children currently shoot on a standard 10’ goal now, you might be thinking you don’t need an adjustable goal. While adjustability isn’t a necessity, it’s a feature that will greatly enhance your satisfaction with the goal. After all, the whole premise of playing basketball or purchasing a goal is to have fun. And what’s more fun than dropping the goal to 8’ or 9’ so you and your buddies can throw alley-oops, windmills, and dunk just like the pros?

Adjusting the height of any Goalrilla can be done and in minutes and is so easy a 6-year-old can do it!

An in-ground unit is by far the most superior goal a consumer can buy. The quality, durability, and performance of a Goalrilla is unmatched. Budget will often determine the size of your goal. Some may opt to have a professional install their goal. These rates will vary from location to location but expect to pay in the range of $200-$500.

Goalrilla currently offers 4 lines of basketball goals, each with their own unique features. For example, our CV series, offers a Clear View backboard that provides the arena style design. Our DC series, features Direct Connect technology that allows over 2800 lbs. of downward force to be placed on the goal. Each line, varies in price and the features they tout.

While the game remains the same, spending a little bit more, might provide some added benefits you’ll enjoy for a lifetime.

Be sure to include any accessories into your cost as well. The LED Hoop Light allows players to continue the game well on into the night and additional accessories like the Yard Guard help keep the ball in play and out of the street or out of your neighbor’s yard.