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STBLZR Technology

STBLZR Technology significantly reduces the “shake” and returns the hoop to its static, resting position quickly. Other basketball goals will shake, sometimes violently, for up to a minute before coming to a rest. 

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Play Smarter

Is it time for an upgrade or looking for ways to play smarter for longer? Whether it's a hoop light, rebounder, or more, you can maximize your playing experience with these basketball hoop accessories and parts.

Our Brands

Athletes who stop at nothing deserve the Goalrilla family of brands – the in-ground basketball hoops that truly replicate the in-game experience.

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Dream Bigger than your driveway

We are shooting for more. To start on our high school team, to make the varsity team, to earn the college scholarship, to play at the next level, to have bragging rights in the neighborhood. No matter what your goal is, our dreams are what drives us. Goalrilla has the basketball hoops and accessories that will take you there. We make basketball equipment that truly replicates the in-game experience so when it is all on the line you have extreme confidence in your abilities to deliver.

We pride ourselves as the industry leader in residential basketball goals. Goalrilla manufactures the toughest basketball systems on the planet. Every Goalrilla basketball hoop system is designed with the highest quality materials including tempered glass backboards, powder-coated steel, and revolutionary technology. Each Goalrilla basketball goal is height adjustable to adapt with your athlete. Shop online now or contact your local Goalrilla dealer to bring home your new basketball hoop, training equipment, and basketball accessories.

If you're shooting to be the best at your craft, you've come to the right place. It all starts with a goal. Goalrilla is the basketball hoop that is going to take you there. This is where is starts. But there's no telling where it ends. Dream bigger than your driveway.