Silverback Basketball Hoops

At Silverback, we’ve created a lineup of affordable and versatile basketball hoops the whole family can enjoy. From their first junior hoop to graduating to an arena-style in-ground basketball goal, Silverback offers high-performance hoops at an incredible value without sacrificing quality. Our lineup of hoops can grow with your young child. Whether you're looking to add a junior hoop that will attach to their bunk bed or to a fence post or wanting to install a portable or in-ground basketball goal, we sell every basketball hoop and accessory you could dream up! Choose between in-ground basketball hoops, portable, wall mounts, or a junior hoop. Let's play!

Silverback in ground basketball hoops available near me

In-Ground Hoops

Next-Level Stability

Silverback Basketball offers four in-ground basketball goals including the SB60, the SB54, the SB54IG, NXT 60 in-ground, and the NXT 54 in-ground. The SB60 and SB54 offer premium materials such as tempered glass, powder-coating, and anchor mounting. The only difference for the SB54IG is it directly installs into the ground. The NXT 60 and NXT 54 In Grounds also directly install into the ground and are secured by concrete instead of an anchor, and feature a polycarbonate backboard.
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Silverback portable basketball hoops available near me

Portable Hoops

The Best in Portable Goals

Silverback Basketball offers two sizes of the NXT Portable Basketball Goal — a 54" backboard and a 50" backboard. Compare these portables to others on the market and you'll find the NXT hoops offer improved stability and rebound, faster assembly, superior strength, and effortless transportation.
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Silverback basketball hoops available near me

Wall-Mounted Hoops

Space Saving Design

If you're looking to save space in your driveway or move your basketball goal inside, the NXT wall-mounted hoops are the perfect option. Easily mount the hoop indoors or outdoors and assemble the goal with preattached hardware in 120 minutes or less. Choose between an adjustable height backboard or a fixed height backboard.
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Silverback hoops available near me

Youth Hoops

Kids' Basketball Goals

Silverback offers the Junior Hoop - the perfect starter basketball goal for kids first learning to play the game. The Junior Basketball Hoop's Lock 'n Rock Technology allows you to play anywhere indoors or outdoors. The basketball backboard measures 33 inches and has a fold-a-way basketball rim.
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