More Ways to Celebrate March

Let the madness begin! Embrace the college basketball fever sweeping the nation and celebrate the season with your family and friends. Here are four easy ways to enjoy the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament by watching and playing from the comfort of your own home.

Host your own Basketball Tournament

Play your own basketball tournament in the driveway with your Goalrilla basketball goal. Arrange teams of three on three and make your own bracket to see who the best team in the neighborhood is. If numbers are a challenge, play a pickup game, arrange a free-throw contest, or see who can complete skills challenges the fastest such as dribbling through cones or precision-passing. To add even more school spirit to your basketball goal, add a collegiate pole pad of your choice.

Make it a Family Event

Instead of going out to watch the games, make it a family event at your house for March Madness. Amp up the game by making sure your family is entertained by making the perfect basketball snacks and drinks. You can even turn on multiple televisions to watch the game. Open up your doors to the outside spring air for your kids to easily run in and out of the house between games and during commercials. Stay hyped and motivated all day while shooting hoops imitating your favorite college players. 

Workout Instead of Pigging Out

The best way to watch the games is to have with a March Madness workout chart handy, instead of scarfing down unhealthy snacks. The workout can be customized to suit every play. Each time a 3-pointer is made, do 5 squats. If there is a turnover, do 15 lunges. If a player fouls out, do 20 crunches, or every time a free throw is missed, do 10 sit ups. While watching others, you and your athletes’ can stay in shape along with improving and maintaining conditioning.

Test your Basketball Trivia Knowledge

Test each other’s knowledge on past and present college basketball teams. Who was the coach at Duke University before Coach K? Which school has made the most Final Four appearances? Which school has the most NCAA tournament victories of all time? What team had the longest drought between NCAA appearances? There is no end to the trivia questions that you can ask. The winner earns the best seat in the house. Find more ways to embrace March Madness by browsing for an all new Goalrilla Basketball Goal in the basketball hoop selection at

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