Fixed Height Basketball Hoops

Fixed Height Grounded Basketball Hoops

Free Backboard & Pole Pad

Fixed Height

72" In-Ground with Glass Backboard

Free Backboard & Pole Pad

Fixed Height

72" In-Ground with Perforated Steel Backboard


All-new Goalrilla Basketball hoops

Fix Your Game

Our all-new Fixed Height basketball hoops are available in 72-inch backboards, with 6" x 8" pole sizes, and 5-foot overhangs. The Fixed Height basketball hoop series includes 180 breakaway rims, backboard pads, universal pole pads with flared anchor cover. The 180 degree breakaway rims offer 180 degree of flex action with the same look and performance as NBA and NCAA rims. Our hoops are covered in powder-coating for ultimate rust and UV protection, maintaining the performance and look of the basketball goal.

The fixed height basketball goals are available in either perforated steel or tempered glass. The perforated steel backboards are ideal for applications that may be concerned with vandalism to glass backboards. Our glass backboards offer pro-style performance, look, and consistent rebound. Our strong and durable basketball hoops can withstand outdoor elements for years and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Install these hoops in residential or protected commercial settings in schools, universities, private outdoor courts, and more, wherever fixed height hoops are needed. We build each and every Goalrilla basketball goal to last a lifetime regardless of where your life takes you, including the possibility of moving from one home to another. That's where our Anchor System comes in. Besides allowing for easy, accurate leveling at installation, the Goalrilla anchor kit system also allows your basketball hoop to be dismounted and moved to another location.