Storing and Winterizing Your Basketball Hoop

It is important to know how to store your portable basketball goal and its accessories throughout the winter season. If you are wanting to let the basketball goal hibernate for the winter, or even if you want to play on it throughout the cold months. we have the solutions for you. Read our tips below on how to winterize your basketball goal and products.

Portable Basketball Hoops

During the warmer months, you may be using water to stabilize your portable basketball goal. If you are doing this, you will need to drain the base of the basketball goal during the winter. Instead of completely draining the base, we recommend that 75% of the water should remain and allow for 25% expansion. As the water expands, it will freeze. You can also consider replacing the water in the base with sand too. Make sure to keep your portable basketball hoop away from the street and curbs to avoid contact with plows during snow removal.

If you do not plan on playing on your portable basketball goal during the winter, we recommend placing your portable goal under cover by placing the goal in a shielded area to keep free of damage, whether that be — a garage, barn, carport, shed or other storage area. If storing the portable goal in a building isn’t possible for you, cover the whole goal with a tarp secured with bungee cords. You should also use the height actuator and lower the rim height down to 7.5’ to prevent the basketball goal from getting damaged from any severe high winds.

Basketball Hoop Accessories

If you have a basketball pole pad on your basketball hoop, bring it indoors for the winter. If you leave your basketball hoop out in the open for the winter, you can cover the hoop and net with a trash bag and secure the bag with duct tape. If you are not going to play on your basketball goal during the winter months, you should remove the basketball net. Before storing the net, double check that it is completely dry first. During severe weather, we recommend removing your LED Hoop Light from your Goalrilla system to avoid flying debris, hail, or any other extreme weather. The basketball court and hoop accessories are just as important as the hoop itself and need to be properly handled with care as well. 

For additional tips on maintaining your basketball hoop equipment, read our blog here!

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