Looking to build your dream home? Or more like building your dream basketball court? Our friends at Rogue Engineer did just that and chose the CV72S in-ground hoop and an LED Hoop Light from Goalrilla.

In their blog, they walk you through installing the outdoor adjustable height basketball goal from day one on. 


CV72S Review from Rogue Engineer:

One thing I remember about my childhood was having a basketball hoop on our detached garage. It was a low hoop (about 8′) and not adjustable but it got a ton of use. I wanted to give my kids that same opportunity to get outside, have fun and exercise with friends and family.

That being said, I wanted this hoop to last and perform like an indoor hoop, so we went with the CV72S in-ground hoop from Goalrilla and this thing is a tank! Not only is it anchored by 4′ of concrete in the ground but the thick steel post and structure let you know that this thing is not going anywhere for a long time. The backboard is 1/2″ tempered glass that meets the NBA/NCAA regulation size of 72″ x 42″ with a 4′ overhang. The CV72S also has Goalrilla’s STBLZR technology which dampens the shake in the backboard after a dunk or bounce of the rim/backboard for a pro-style feel. After much research this is (in my honest opinion) by far the best residential hoop on the market.

"Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the hoop," says Rogue Engineer. "It did take a bit of work to set it up but I would say it is well worth it. This is one of those things that the entire family and friends will get enjoyment out of for years to come."

goalrilla review cv72s

Solar LED Hoop Light Review from Rogue Engineer:

One cool accessory that Goalrilla offers is an Solar LED Hoop Light that will be perfect for those games that run a little later in the evening. The install was fairly simple and can be mounted to most other basketball hoops as well. 

"I had the opportunity to play with the light on one night and am very happy with the light that this things puts out," they said. "I love the fact that it is up high and out of the way. It’s not blinding and doesn’t cast a lot of shadows. The further you are away from the center of the court the more issues you have with shadowing but that’s also not were most of the action happens."

Read their in-depth Goalrilla basketball hoop installation guide and review here, or watch their installation video below. 

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