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Is your athlete looking to improve their strength and speed? Goalrilla’s athletic sports training gear can help advance their fitness goals and refine skills in every sport and at every age level or athletic division. Here are some of Goalrilla’s training equipment that can be used for soccer, football, basketball, baseball, softball, lacrosse, golf, MMA, boxing, and more to help you achieve your dreams.

Striker Trainer Soccer Goal 

The Goalrilla Striker Rebounder Trainer is a double-sided rebounding net and soccer goal to help develop soccer play skills such as receiving, goalkeeping, and shooting. This soccer net is ideal for youth athletes learning to play soccer or high school athletes advancing their craft.

Gamemaker Soccer Goal 

The Goalrilla Gamemaker Trainer is the perfect transportable soccer goal to take with you to the soccer fields, backyard, beach, or inside your house. The entire goal fits into a carry bag and can be assembled without help from an adult. This goal is designed for younger soccer players from ages 6-12.

Torch LED Floodlight 

Keep training or playing after dark with the Goalrilla Torch portable floodlight. The Goalrilla Torch can light a basketball court, soccer field, or football field to allow you to get in the crucial hours of training time. The Torch floodlight provides 300 watts of light for up to five hours.

Training Dummies 

Goalrilla offers three different types of training dummies for all different sports training, which include the blocking dummy, the tackling dummy, and the step over dummy. The Goalrillablocking dummy is a versatile sports training tool for MMA, football, and basketball. The Goalrilla tackling dummy is great for contact drills with football, basketball, kickboxing, martial arts, and more. The Goalrilla Step Over dummy is designed for footwork drills for soccer, football, fitness, and basketball.

G Trainer 

The Goalrilla G Trainer was strategically engineered for soccer, lacrosse, baseball, softball, football, volleyball, and golf sports training. The G Trainer’s versatility allows any sports program to replace the long list of trainers and equipment with one ultra-touch system. With rugged polypropylene netting, the powder-coated steel and stainless-steel components it withstands anything the athlete or weather brings. This training net provides limitless possibilities for high school, college, and pro sports programs.

All-Season Trainer 

One piece of sports training equipment handles the training demands of several sports. The rugged dampening net absorbs and stops drives, kicks, passes, line drives, pitches and shots on the goal. The versatile 7-position rebound net means if there’s a ball involved, there’s a training opportunity. Easily roll the All-Season Trainer onto the field or court, quickly adjust angle for a high or low-ball return. The ultra-responsive ball return delivers quick training drill repetition.

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