Step Over Dummy

SKU: TR0003W

  • Step Over Dummy Perfect for Footwork Drills for a Variety of Sports Including Football, Soccer, and More
  • Two Reinforced Heavy-Duty Handles for Improved Control During Training
  • 500 grams/Cubic Meter PVC Reinforced with Metal Grommets and 50.6 lbs/Cubic Meter High Density Foam
  • Step Over Dummy Measures 8.25" High, 50.5" Long, and 17.5" Wide and Suitable for All Ages and Skill Levels
  • Since 1927, Escalade Sports has taken pride in manufacturing quality products. With a fully-staffed customer service team, we are committed to providing courteous care and a 100% guarantee you will be satisfied with your purchase.
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Increase agility and foot speed with the Goalrilla Step Over Dummy. Set up a series of these dummies for stride training, precision running, leg conditioning, whatever you need! Great for footwork drills, the Step Over Dummy is made of high-density foam and features two reinforced heavy-duty handles. Suitable for all ages and skill levels from youth sports to the collegiate level, this versatile dummy is perfect for intense football, soccer, basketball, and more.

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