How to Stop a Basketball Hoop From Shaking?

The same technology used in aircrafts to reduce unwanted movement during flight, in skyscrapers to absorb the force of wind, and in buildings to absorb the seismic waves created during an earthquake can also be found in your driveway’s basketball hoop.

These examples rely on a Tuned Mass Damper, a small device mounted in structures to reduce vibrations.  A Tuned Mass Damper is a device that reduces the amplitude of vibration by absorbing the kinetic energy on the system. STBLZR Technology uses a Tuned Mass Damper to absorb the vibrations a dunk or hard shot would cause, so less energy is exerted on the goal itself. With less energy on the hoop, it returns to its natural resting position faster.

As basketball athletes continue to grow taller, run faster, jump higher, and shatter record books, the elite standard and redefining performance by adapting this technology for use on residential basketball hoops. Goalrilla basketball’s latest innovation allows players to maximize practice time and stay focused on skill development to take their game to the next level. 

How to Stabilize a Basketball Hoop

Goalrilla introduces its all-new STBLZR Technology, a revolutionary advancement that completely stabilizes the backboard of a basketball hoop after a dunk or a bank shot. STBLZR Technology significantly reduces the “shake” and returns the hoop to its static, resting position quickly. Other basketball goals will shake, sometimes violently, for up to a minute before coming to a rest. 

The issue of basketball backboard stabilization is also a focus of National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) rules and regulations which require that after any play, the backboard must stop vibrating or shaking and regain a static position within 4 seconds.  

When an outside force, or in our case a dunk or hard shot, is placed on the basketball goal, it has a natural tendency to shake or sway back and forth. All hoops do this, even the ones used in the NCAA and NBA. While this isn’t a safety hazard, it is an inconvenience, especially if your hoop is still shaking by the time the next shot comes.

The STBLZR design is a system added to the top of the basketball goal that uses an internal, moving mass to absorb the motion of the basketball hoop. The motion is quickly brought to a rest using a magnetic field. The technology also includes bumper stops to limit the travel of the moving mass and prevents over-stressing the springs. 

how to stop a basketball hoop from shaking - stblzr technology

STBLZR Technology simulates the performance of arena-style, pro-level hoops, delivering the gym experience in your driveway. Never has a residential hoop executed the same superior quality seen at the highest level of basketball. Players can maximize practice time and achieve more when using the same technology relied on by elite athletes in collegiate and professional gyms.  

The next time you play, pay attention to the shake of the backboard after a shot or a dunk, and see for yourself the difference of the all-new STBLZR design. STBLZR technology is available exclusively on the new Goalrilla CV60S and CV72S basketball goals.

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