Loosening Goalrilla Bolts and Other Hardware

During disassembly, it’s common to have a nut or bolt that is difficult to loosen on your Goalrilla basketball goal. If you encounter a nut or bolt that won’t budge, do not try and force it by hand, you may end up stripping it out. Here are some ways to assist in removing a stuck nut or bolt on a Goalrilla hoop – try them in the order they are listed.

1. Apply a Lubricant 

Spray the bolt and the area with WD40 or a penetrating oil such as PB Blaster. You can find either of these in your local hardware or automotive store. Allow the lubricant to sit for 5 to 10 minutes before trying to move the bolt again.

2. Apply More Leverage

Try to get some more leverage. Head on over to your local hardware store and purchase a breaker bar. A breaker bar is essentially a very long socket wrench that allows you to more easily move a stuck bolt. If you do not have immediate access to one, a metal pipe or tube placed on the end of a socket wrench will work the same way. Continue coating the bolt in penetrating oil as you continue loosening the bolt.

3. Use an Impact Driver 

If you continue to have trouble, use an impact driver to help break the bolt free. An impact driver can apply substantially more force than you can by hand and apply it equally to all sides of the bolt.

4. Apply Heat 

Before even putting a heat source near the affected area, ensure there is absolutely no lubricant or oil left on the surface. If there is, clean this off with a paper towel and some soapy water. Allow the area to completely dry before proceeding. With a blow torch, you will want to heat the nut that is stuck just before it starts to glow. Once you reach this point, turn the blow torch off and spray the area with cool water until it is no longer hot. Gently tap the sides of the nut to assist in providing room for movement. Wait until the bolt, nut, and surrounding area have completely cooled before attempting to remove the nut.

5. When All Else Fails: Split the Bolt

If none of the above work, you may be forced to split the nut. These are little devices that fit around the entire nut and break it in half without damaging the bolt’s threads. You will need to head to your local hardware or automotive store to purchase one of these. After splitting the nut, you will be able to free the bolt from the hole. If the bolt does not want to move, gently tap it with a hammer, but be careful to not hit the bolt so hard it mushrooms the threads, making it un-usable. Before completely removing the bolt be sure the goal is at its lowest setting and you have at least 3 or 4 extra people to support the goal when the bolt is freed.

Upon reinstallation you may need to replace your hardware if it has become unusable. To find the specific hardware needed for your goal, find the manual for your model here or contact Goalrilla basketball customer service. Do NOT go to the local hardware store and purchase a bolt that ‘looks like it will fit’. Bolts have specific ratings according to the load they can bear, how they are treated, and their composition. Contact Goalrilla Basketball’s customer service directly to have authentic Goalrilla bolts shipped to your new home.

6 . Save Hardware for Reassembly

After disassembling your Goalrilla basketball hoop, you will want to pack it up for its journey. Be sure to place all nuts, bolts, and washers in a plastic bag to ensure none are lost during the move. If you would like to get specific for the reinstall, it may be worth using some masking tape and a pencil to label the number of each bolt as seen in your Goalrilla basketball goal manual.

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