REVIEW: Goalrilla FT60 Basketball Hoop Customer Testimonial

Katie and Philip, a husband and wife from Virginia, have three kids and love to share their life adventures on their social media and blog. Recently, they wrote a blog article on why they chose Goalrilla Basketball for their families’ favorite basketball goal. Katie shared in her customer testimonial that the couple was wanting to get their son a basketball court for his birthday since they do not have a driveway and their son often shoots hoops at his grandparents’ house. She and her husband researched many different in ground basketball hoops for their son but were concerned because he is big for his age and did not want the basketball net set up to fall apart or him to grow out of it too soon.

Katie and Philip decided on their Goalrilla FT 60-inch backboard basketball goal for multiple different reasons.

“The biggest selling feature for us, was Goalrilla makes a 5”x5” square post that is proven to handle wear and tear much better than smaller posts,” says Katie. “Lots of other brands’ post shake when the ball hits the hoop and the larger square post alleviates the shaking; adjusting the height is easy with the one-piece (and great for all ages to use!); the hoop is an inground system so it’s more stable, but it still can be moved in the future if we move.”

The reasons she listed are what we value at Goalrilla and want to make sure all people that use our residential basketball goals experience. The basketball rim is height adjustable and very convenient for a growing child that uses the hoop. The in the ground basketball goal can grow with them, which is very important to us because we want our hoops to last in the families for a lifetime. We also are proud that our in-ground hoops can be moved if necessary if you decide to move homes. Simply unbolt the basketball goal from the anchor kit and purchase a new one for your future home. Katie stated in her blog that her neighbors approved of their FT60 Goalrilla hoop purchase because “our kids and their friends enjoyed it so much. I hope this will be a place our kids and friends can gather for many years to come.”

We want the Goalrilla FT60 hoop to be everything you and your family have hoped for since our hoops bring out the players’ best game since 1991! The FT60 hoop has pro style look AND performance guaranteed; it has clear view tempered glass backboard delivers a pristine basketball court look and amazing rebound performance. It has an innovative pole design providing uncompromising strength and stability supported by three-point technology; as well as an in-ground anchor system cured in concrete with the option to unbolt and move goal.

Dream bigger than your driveway with Goalrilla. You can read Katie’s full basketball goal review here. You can shop now for the FT Series hoops here or find your local dealer here. Our FT Series are available in three different backboard sizes including a 54-inch backboard, a 60 inch backboard, and a 72 inch backboard.

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