REVIEW: Goalrilla CV60s Basketball Hoop

"Having a difficult conversation with a kid is made easier when you’ve got a basketball in your hand. You take turns, make shots, have pauses in between the hard questions," writes Lacey Eibert Keigley in her blog called So Every Day with the title of this article being "when even a basketball goal tells a good story," which in her case, it truly does. "You can take turns, make shots, have pauses in between the hard questions. For some heart to hearts, direct eye contact is too hard. I’ve found the sweetest and most open conversations have started when I invite one of my kids to play a little basketball alone with me." Lacey goes into the story of how she was able to get her dream basketball hoop from Goalrilla and what it truly means to her and her family, and what she hopes it will mean in the future as well. 

In her blog, Lacey shares her incredible story and review of her and her family's new Goalrilla CV60S basketball goal and how it has positively impacted and shaped her family's dynamic, relationship, and memories together as a whole. She also mentions that she, herself, was not quite sure how valuable a basketball hoop could be to someone until it was to her.

Throughout Lacey's review of her Goalrilla basketball goal, she walks us through her search of various basketball brands and her final decision to add a Goalrilla basketball hoop to her driveway. She writes that Goalrilla has the best product on the market and she has always dreamed of this basketball hoop for herself and her family.

Lacey writes in her review, "last week we put in the best basketball goal I have ever seen on the concrete pad in our driveway. Goalrilla. It's ridiculous how well made this basketball goal is." She says the many different things she loves about the basketball hoop and why she loves those things for her family. She writes that she wants to continue making memories with this basketball goal and amongst her family for a long time. She writes that she hopes "to still be shooting hoops with Otto when he comes home from college for the holidays."

goalrilla review cv60s
Feel free to read her review at this link and learn from her own personal experience on how valuable a basketball hoop can really be for a family bonding experience and their own personal enjoyment. And/or feel free to watch the video below as well!

Goalrilla Video from Travis Kyker on Vimeo.

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