Improve your game with Goalrilla Basketballs

Athletes who stop at nothing deserve Goalrilla. Our training equipment truly replicates the in-game experience so when it’s all on the line, you can have the confidence in your preparation to deliver.

Goalrilla is a proud partner of HandleLife and recently introduced the Goalrilla x HandleLife Heavyweight Basketball as one of the many training equipment accessories that Goalrilla has to offer. Johnny Stephene, an NBA skills trainer and creator of HandleLife, has transformed how players prepare for game day with focused training on ball handling, control, hand speed, and muscle memory using the heavyweight training balls. The HandleLife Heavy Ball accelerates handles development by combining true bounce and a game ball feel in a 3 lb. weighted basketball that challenges athletes to improve. The ball emphasizes and is designed to improve ball handling efficiency, hand speed, ball control, muscle memory, and playmaking ability for basketball players. The heavy ball is offered in a 29.5” (size 7) Men’s ball as well as a 28.5” (size 6) Women’s ball.

handlelife basketball

Training with the HandleLife heavy ball increases your ball handling efficiency. After training with the weighted ball, switch to the Goalrilla Hype game ball to get the real game situation feel. The Hype Basketball from Goalrilla is a pro-style basketball designed to mimic that of pro-level basketballs used in NCAA and NBA games. Making it the perfect ball to transition to when replicating the real game situation after training with the HandleLife heavy ball. The Hype basketball is offered in a men’s, women’s, and youth size to fit any type of play, and also features a composite leather cover material that is long lasting and built to withstand the toughest play environments. The Hype Men’s Basketball is intended for males aged 13 years old and up. The Women’s Ball is targeted for females 9 years and older as well as males ages 9 to 12 years old. Finally, the Hype Youth Basketball is designed for males and females aged 9 years old and younger. Goalrilla’s Hype Basketballs help players maintain grip over time and offers superior ball handling and control much like the heavy weight training ball from HandleLife.

HandleLife and Goalrilla’s mission with the Heavyweight Training Ball is to train hard so you can make the game easy. Preparation and the correct training can define the crucial moments between winning and losing, make sure you are prepared for your own moments. Own it with the training equipment that truly replicates that in-game experience. Whether you are a player striving to perfect your skills or a seasoned baller looking to take your game to new heights or maintain your skills, there’s a Goalrilla Hype Basketball and a HandleLife Heavy Weight Training Basketball that is suitable for you. The different sizes ensure that players can find the perfect fit, allowing for that optimal grip and control based on individual preferences. To learn more about HandleLife and Goalrilla, click the link here.