Universal Backboard Padding

SKU: B2618

  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL GOALRILLA HOOPS - Fits All 54”, 60”, and 72” Goalrilla Systems
  • PROTECTS PLAYERS - Pro-Style Safety Feature for Aggressive Play
  • LONG-LASTING DURABILITY - Weather- Proof Material for Durability
  • TOUGH PADDING - Made of a Rugged Poly Material
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At Goalrilla, safety is always at the top of our list. Our basketball hoops are developed to withstand the most aggressive play. That means our basketball padding needs to be built to protect the player during that most aggressive play. Goalrilla backboard padding does just that. Built to last as well as protect, our backboard padding is designed using the most durable materials. Through the toughest weather, Goalrilla backboard padding will remain as good as new, and will deliver the protection you need throughout the life of your Goalrilla system. The universal backboard padding fits all sizes and are easy to install. Shop now for the Goalrilla universal backboard pad!

The Goalrilla Universal Backboard Pads are compatible with all Goalrilla basketball goals. For a full compatibility list: DC72E1, CV72, CV60, CV54, GS72c, GS60c, GS54c, FT72, FT60, FT54, GS54.

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