All-New Collaborative Goalrilla HandleLife Heavyweight Training Basketball

Goalrilla Basketball, the industry leader in residential basketball hoops and accessories, is proud to announce our partnership with Johnny Stephene, creator of HandleLife - trainer to dozens of men’s and women’s professional and collegiate basketball players. Stephene, who has amassed over 2 million social media followers across multiple channels, has transformed how both professional and amateur basketball players prepare for game day with focused training on ball handling, control, hand speed, and muscle memory using heavyweight training balls. The partnership will be focused on developing training products and services that help players grow to their next level. Available immediately, the Goalrilla HandleLife Heavyweight basketball can quickly improve ball handling skills and is made for all types of athletes, players, coaches, and trainers who are seeking to progress their skills.

handlelife basketball johnny goalrilla

“I'm super excited to announce my partnership with Goalrilla,” says HandleLife creator Johnny Stephene. “The HandleLife Heavy Ball has been a total game-changer, not just for my clients that are professional athletes, but for hoopers all around the globe. It's taken their handles and skills to the next level, like nothing else out there. Joining forces with Goalrilla, a brand that is as passionate as I am about inspiring the next wave of ballers, is like a dream come true.  Goalrilla will use its premier sourcing network to produce the highest quality products and accelerate distribution through its global partners, allowing me to focus on training my clients while creating great content.”

The weighted training ball combines a true bounce and game ball feel to accelerate your handles development. The ball size is available in official men’s and women’s sizes and comes in 29.5” (size 7) and 28.5” (size 6) – both weighing 3 lbs. (48 oz.).

“We are thrilled to partner with Johnny to bring our collaborative HandleLife basketballs to athletes everywhere,” says Emily Patton, Brand Manager of Goalrilla Basketball. “At Goalrilla, we’ve always encouraged young athletes to dream bigger than their driveway with our training equipment that truly replicates in-game experience. We are confident adding this weighted basketball to our accessory lineup will help make more dreams become a reality.”

To learn more about our all-new HandleLife Heavyweight Basketball and our partnership with Johnny Stephene, visit

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