How to Make Your Basketball Court Safer

Basketball hoop accessories can help minimize injuries and protect your basketball players from unwanted obstacles during their time playing the sport. Our important basketball goal accessories can prevent players from impacting the sharp corners of the basketball backboard and the hard steel of the basketball pole in order to prevent certain injuries. Our basketball hoop lights can help keep players safe as well as help them see better while playing at night, and our basketball hoop return nets can keep the ball in the court instead of rolling into a busy street. We also now have the basketball hoop rim lock to ensure nobody will be playing with your private hoop while you are away. We will share each accessory below that will help increase basketball player safety on the basketball court.

Basketball Hoop Lighting

The powerful, long-lasting Solar LED lights of the Goalrilla Solar LED Hoop Light and the Gamemaker Torch Light increase safety on the basketball court for players playing in the dark and keeps the entire court visible so nobody has to worry about it getting dark and going inside anymore.

Basketball Hoop Pole Pad

Goalrilla offers basketball hoop pole pads that are compatible with Goalrilla, Silverback, and Goaliath basketball goals. The thick cushioned pole pads add safety for players colliding with the hard steel pole during aggressive play and minimizes injuries.

Basketball Return Net

Our basketball rebound nets add safety to your basketball hoop by keeping the basketball in the court so players do not have to chase after them into the street or onto any certain landscaping. The basketball return net prevents damage to your property and guarantees safety from a road ball. Goalrilla offers a Yard Guard for Goalrilla, Silverback, and Goaliath, which expands on both sides of the basketball hoop pole. Goaliath also offers a second hoop return system which both stops and returns shots.


Basketball Backboard Pad

Goalrilla basketball backboard pads can protect players during somewhat aggressive play. It can specifically protect their head and hands from colliding with the sharp edge of the backboard and prevent a more serious injury.

Basketball Rim Lock

The Goalrilla basketball hoop rim lock can prevent unwanted play in your Goalrilla basketball goal. Whether that be putting it in place to continue curfew needs for children unable to play after a certain time, or preventing others from playing with the hoop when you are not around-- the Goalrilla basketball hoop rim lock is easy to install and remove. 

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