REVIEW: Goalrilla FT60 Basketball Hoop

Online blogger and full-time mom Natalie Lesnefsky was looking for an in ground basketball goal for her family's home and went with the Goalrilla FT60 In-Ground Basketball Hoop

"It’s been so nice having a hoop that Sophia can enjoy…right in our driveway,” writes Natalie in her article entitled, “Our New Goalrilla In-Ground Basketball Hoop” from her blog page “At Home with Natalie.” In her article, she reviews the FT60 basketball hoop.

Natalie has a basketball-loving family, and her daughter especially is very involved in the sport. She explains that her family desperately needed an updated basketball hoop for them to use for the driveway since their old one was getting worn down. Her and her family went ahead and purchased a Goalrilla in-ground basketball goal and Natalie had nothing but great things to say about it. 

“I love how this basketball hoop brings out the best in Sophia’s game. It really helps her replicate the in-game experience… right in our driveway! Rain won’t even stop this girl from shooting hoops,” Natalie states. 

This is exactly what we, here at Goalrilla, strive for. We want the in-game experience to feel so real and we want basketball players to be able to excel their skills at home and bring them to the court. As Natalie also mentions, there are so many different Goalrilla basketball hoops to choose from that would be perfect for your athlete or family. 

In her review of the FT60 hoop, Natalie shared, "It looks legit out there! The in the ground basketball hoop has a Clear View technology tempered glass backboard to give that pro-style look and feel you would see from arena-style hoops. I know it’s going to last too with the powder coating — ultimate rust and UV protection! I also really loved its in-ground anchor system. Moving? No problem – you can unbolt and take the goal with you.” 

The Goalrilla FT Basketball Hoop Series comes in three different size backboards including the 54-inch, 60-inch, and 72-inch. The FT Series basketball goal is an excellent option for all levels of basketball play.

There are so many benefits of Goalrilla hoops and products, and we are hoping that hearing from Natalie and her experience with her family will help people recognize the importance of a good basketball hoop and the impact it can have on an individual or family. The memories are endless at home, and why not start making more of them with one of our Goalrilla hoops from the multiple selections that we have to offer. Your family can play anywhere or anytime with any of our high-quality hoops. We are grateful to see that our products have such a positive impact on families.

Feel free to read Natalie’s full blog post at this link and learn from her personal experience on how valuable a basketball hoop can be.

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