Goalrilla Basketball Hoops

Want to be the best you can be?

Being the best basketball player is more than hours practicing free throws. More than knowing how and when to pass. More than rebounding. Dunking. Draining three-pointers.

To be the best, you have to perform when the game is on the line. When your team is relying on you to make the shot. When the crowd cheers and boos, and sweat runs in your eyes.

Becoming the best means delivering when it counts the most. It means honing both your skills and mental fortitude with the best equipment and arena-style experience.

Does your backboard replicate in-game action?

Can your basketball hoop handle 1000 pounds of force without shattering?

Does your hoop deliver arena-style rebound, shot after shot?

Can your basketball system stand up to the elements?

If your equipment is sub-par, you’ll always have to wonder if a missed shot was a bad aim… or just a bad rebound off an old warped backboard.

Equipment that makes you doubt yourself, holds you back. You need equipment that stands up to everything you throw at it, every time, so you can focus on perfecting your shot.

Basketball is a mind game. Being the best is more than just being able to swish. It’s knowing you can.

Even when you practice and your game is as sharp as it can be, you still need one crucial thing:


And that’s exactly what you get with Goalrilla basketball systems.

Become the best with Goalrilla basketball hoops

Build confidence and perfect your aim with the best backboard. Anchored, in-ground basketball hoop systems from Goalrilla play as hard as you do, so you’ll have the skill and confidence to meet any challenge.

With tempered glass backboards, steel-welded frames, and rims that can take a pounding, your Goalrilla goal is unyielding. Just like your determination to be the best.

Your goal is our goal. So whether you’re shooting for more court time… varsity… or a ride to D1 school, arena-style Goalrilla hoops give you the freedom to focus on what’s important: conquering your next goal.

Ready to up your game?

Choose the backboard size that’s right for you: