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  • Specs
  • 294" x 104" x 99"
  • 63 lbs.
    Carry weight
  • Includes
2 Way Pump
Transport Bag
Water/Sand Bags
Ground Anchors
  • Techs


Maximum air pressure (1 bar) technology to create a rigid structure.
90 seconds to inflate/defalte
  • 1
    An interior, flexible layer of Thermoplastic Polymer.
  • 2
    A middle layer of High-Tenacity Yarn, providing increased durability and rigidity once fully pressurized.
  • 3
    An additional exterior layer of Thermoplastic Polymer that stiffens at full pressure, gives the frame a solid, firm, outer surface.
  • Description

The regulation full-size Gamemaker goal spans 8 feet tall and 24 feet wide and was designed with the advanced players training and competition in mind. While the look and performance simulates a professional goal, that is where the comparison ends, the Gamemaker 8x24 goal is truly portable and can travel easily between soccer fields. In the event of goal tipping, parents and coaches can be confident that the players won't be injured.

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