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  • Specs
  • 72"x42"
    Backboard size
  • 1/2"
    Glass thickness
  • 4'
  • 6"x8"
    Pole size
  • Includes
Universal Pole Pad
with flared anchor cover. Ultimate in player protection
Universal Backboard Pad
Protects player under aggressive play
  • Techs
Clear View Technology eliminates the board arms that attach to the center of the backboard, allowing for a clear, unobstructed view through the glass. Clear View board arms connect to the outer edges of the backboard, creating the same look of arena-style basketball hoops and delivering consistent rebound across the entire board.
Rugged steel is used throughout our basketball hoops, providing the uncompromising strength of a Goalrilla. To protect this steel, our hoops are covered in DuPontĀ® Powder Coating for ultimate rust and UV protection, maintaining the performance and look of the basketball goal.
  • Description

The CV72 is one of the newest additions to the Goalrilla basketball hoop family. It uses proven designs inspired by earlier Goalrilla basketball systems (welded, ultra-wide span arms and a welded steel board frame) to create an unobstructed, clear view and consistent rebound across the glass. Because it's a Goalrilla, the CV72 is capable of handling over 1000 lbs. of vertical torque to the rim. Its built to take on anything the suburbs can throw at it.

CV72 Customer Reviews
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5 / 5
Improves my game
100% of reviewers recommend this product.
5 / 5
December 15, 2016
High quality product
Matthew M Miller
From Olney, IL
Our CV72 goal with light is now 4 years old. It still looks and functions like the day I installed it. I have no complaints whatsoever. There are many cheaper goals out there, but the Goalrilla is a buy it once and be done messing with basketball goals product. I fully expect my grandchildren to be using this same goal at my home 20 years from now.
Yes, I recommend this product
5 / 5
October 9, 2016
wow CV72
Dave D
From Pisgah Forest, NC
If you are a person that does not compromise on quality and just waits until they have enough cash the buy the best (instead of a bunch of cheap throw aways) then this is your goal. It took some engineering and the help of my tractor and girlfriend but wow again, this classy, sturdy and awesome looking goal is the best. Thank you.
Yes, I recommend this product
5 / 5
September 8, 2015
CV72 - Worthy buy
From Willow Spring, NC
Bought last Thanksgiving 2014, for a fantastic price! Installed late March 2015, having a 21"w auger attached to a full-size backhoe helped immensely, used 11 bags of 80lb concrete with a Home Depot rented mixer and the same backhoe assisted with assembly of post/backboard and related parts. Must say that the system is nearly bulletproof, money well-spent!
Yes, I recommend this product
5 / 5
September 20, 2013
The best basketball outdoor system I ever played on!
From Wellsville, new york
This is a great system. I am a Dad with seven kids ages 30 yrs to 11 yrs. We have a great time playing. The family memories will remain long after I am gone. The glass backboard is quite heavy so have enough guys to assist you. The goal is solid and the backboard does not move like the models with the water base. This is a very good product. Thanks and God bless. Don Kane
Yes, I recommend this product
5 / 5
June 14, 2013
Fantastic Basketball Goal!
From Kansas City, MO, USA
This is one of the sturdiest basketball goals I have seen. In my subdivision there are several goals that shake when you shoot a "brick". I was able to fire the basketball at the top corner of the backboard and the entire goal barely moves. Given how sturdy the backboard is, I was pleasantly surprised that the rim is a "soft" rim that helps your game - the ball doesn't ricochet off of it. One item to note - you definitely need a 3rd person to install this goal. We love our Goalrilla and look forward to many years of backetball.
Yes, I recommend this product
5 / 5
June 11, 2013
This product has it all
From Noblesville, IN, USA
The CV72 is the best bang for the buck. It has the heavier backboard, post & rim. All the padding and can hold up to very aggressive play. I love it.
Yes, I recommend this product
5 / 5
June 10, 2013
The CV 72 has a super-sturdy design. It also resists vibration and will be one of the most imporant tools in improving the skills of my children.
From MA
Overall, I am so impressed with the quality and workmanship in the CV 72. The sturdy design and impressive looks of this system will be a focal point of my yard for many years to come. I created a half-court on my property and did alot of research before purchasing a system. This system EXCEEDS my expectations in all areas. THANK YOU!
Yes, I recommend this product
5 / 5
June 10, 2013
This goal has everything you could want.
From Indianapolis, IN, USA
We purchased the CV72. The quality is better than we anticipated - the crank is easy for my kids to use, the goal is sturdy, the rim is great, and the process was easy.
Yes, I recommend this product
5 / 5
June 10, 2013
Simply Sets The Bar For Others to Emulate
A great product that has provided solid and dependable service. Easy of assemble and clear and consice instructions were perfect. This product leaves nothing to be desired.
Yes, I recommend this product
5 / 5
June 10, 2013
This product is worth the money
From Aberdeen, MS 39730, USA
I bought this as a christmas gift. The whole family has really enjoyed it!!!
Yes, I recommend this product
5 / 5
February 4, 2013
An instant hit with the Family
From Indiana, USA
Minutes after installation, our whole Family was out playing hoops together. Comments like "this thing is awesome" to "it looks great in our driveway" made us realize that an in-ground BB system from Goalrilla is the way to go.
Yes, I recommend this product
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