Hype Women’s Basketball – 28.5"

Females: Age 9+ & Males: Age 9-12

SKU: B9027W

  • SIGNATURE FEEL - Soft-touch high-quality composite cover for increased control
  • INNOVATIVE GRIP & CONTROL - The deeper channels between the panels of the ball allow for better grip points and ball control when dribbling and shooting
  • SEASON-LONG DURABILITY - Basketball's composite leather cover provides extreme durability to withstand the toughest environments all season long
  • ALL SURFACE PERFORMANCE -  The Hype Women’s basketball is suitable for play at both indoor and outdoor courts
  • OFFICIAL SIZE - Women's basketball official size ball is 28.5” regulation size
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Built with deeper channels giving better grip points for tighter handles and an interior cushion layer delivering a softer ball, the Goalrilla Women’s Hype Basketball is a pro-style ball designed to mirror that of pro-level basketballs used in NCAA college basketball and NBA games. The Hype ball’s composite leather cover is long-lasting to withstand the toughest environments and helps maintain grip over time. The basketball offers superior ball handling and grip. Suitable for play at both indoor or outdoor courts, the Hype is an official, regulation size ball at 28.5” and designed for women’s basketball.

The Hype Men's Basketball is 29.5" regulation size for men's basketball and designed for males age 13 years old and up.

The Hype Women's Basketball is 28.5" mid-size and designed for females age 9 years and older and males ages 9 to 12 years old.

The Hype Youth Basketball is 27.5" youth size and designed for males and females age 9 and younger.

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