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  • Specs
  • 11.3' x 62"⌀
  • 20.5 lbs.
    Carry weight
  • Techs


Maximum air pressure (1 bar) technology to create a rigid structure.
90 seconds to inflate/defalte
  • 1
    An interior, flexible layer of Thermoplastic Polymer.
  • 2
    A middle layer of High-Tenacity Yarn, providing increased durability and rigidity once fully pressurized.
  • 3
    An additional exterior layer of Thermoplastic Polymer that stiffens at full pressure, gives the frame a solid, firm, outer surface.
  • Description

The Gamemaker Torch is the perfect solution to those who need a mobile lighting system.  The simple yet brilliant design allows you to easily transport the Torch to your desired location, set up in minutes and provide light where there was none.  No wiring, no generators.  The LED light is designed for greater durability and reliability and provides more light coverage than a 300W halogen floodlight.  The Torch is an easy to use portable floodlight.

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4 / 5
Improves my game
67% of reviewers recommend this product.
5 / 5
August 4, 2016
Great for youth soccer coaches
Coach K
From San Diego
I'm a youth soccer coach that travels with all the gear in my car. The Torch is easy to set up and equally easy to deflate to put back in the bag. I love the wheels on the bag that allow the kids to pull the lights from my car to the field. These lights have allowed our team to practice when we couldn't in the past due to no lighting. Great product.
Yes, I recommend this product
5 / 5
June 28, 2016
Continue Coaching in the Autumn
From Ohio
Sunlight is a challenge in the fall. Our fields don't have lights, so most practices have to end when the sun goes down. Not anymore - the Torch helps us continue practices into the night. I've owned since last fall and we still use these lights for our practices.
Yes, I recommend this product
2 / 5
February 5, 2016
Like the concept, not sure about the design or light output
From Central Coast CA
My young club soccer team spent months raising money to purchase some lights so that we could continue practicing in the winter. We were hoping to only need 2 lights, but in the end we needed 4 to illuminate a roughly 40x40 yard area. Truthfully I wish these were brighter as they barely give off enough light to make the playing area usable, but we can manage and it is better than practicing in a tennis court (about the only other option we have). Set up and take down aren't too bad considering, and the bag design is nicely constructed and sturdy (although hauling 4 of them around is a pain). The overall design is nice and at a glance appears well constructed. The problem is that after a 2 months of intermittent use one of the tripod legs came off and there are several other small and less functional defects in the design (for example the clasps that hold the fabric webbing together seem to be "letting go" and the cables at the bottom of the tripod legs have come off on two of the four units). Having said all of this I am happy that this product exists since there really is nothing else out there. Hopefully the smaller details of the design will be improved upon as well as the light output. Finally- be aware that you will need to purchase a 12v battery and chargers for each light (cost another $200 for my 4 lights). In the meantime I will get to see how responsive the company is to my concerns as I have sent emails/warranty claims in. I will try to post an addendum once my concerns are addressed.
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