Goalrilla Spring Trainer Hitting Station


  • High Repetition

    Builds muscle memory faster.
    Durable bungee system holds ball in place.
    Quick reset within 4 seconds after every hit.

    • 100 - 150 swings in 10 minutes.
    • More reps in less time.
    • More training per session.
    • Instant feedback on swing.
  • Multiple Pitch Locations

    Practice hitting any conceivable pitch.

    • Adjust height of the ball.
    • Adjust to middle, inside, or outside pitch - 10 different plate locations.
    • Change plate angle to practice hitting to different areas of the field.
  • Solo Trainer

    Train year round, indoors and outdoors.

    • Train alone.
    • Acts as personal swing coach - helps correct swing based upon instant feedback.
    • Coach or parent can watch swing from different angles.
      Eliminates having to pitch or retrieve balls.
    • Net allows for safe outdoor or indoor training.
    • Portable - perfect for traveling teams.
Goalrilla Spring Trainer Pitchback


  • Easily Adjustable

    Converts to a rugged pitchback in seconds.
    Practice throwing and fielding.
    Easily adjusts to simulate ground balls, line drives, and fly balls.

Goalrilla Spring Trainer Warranty

The Goalrilla Spring Trainer stands tall and firm. Each and every aspect of the Goalrilla Spring Trainer is true Goalrilla – a name that stands for tough. The core of the Goalrilla Spring Trainer is made from a 1 1/2" Dupont® coated steel frame and the hardware is galvanized to ensure rust protection and a long life. Don't worry about the life of the plate - the blow molded plate is made from weather-resistant polyethylene.

The Goalrilla Spring Trainer can weather the elements and deliver the performance you need for baseball training - all year long - indoors or out.


  • 1½" Steel Frame with Dupont® powder coat for extreme rust prevention.
  • Metal frame is connected by easy to connect slip fits with plastic connectors.
  • Hardware is galvanized to ensure rust protection and long life.
  • Home Plate is blow-molded out of weather resistant Polyethylene and has integrated rubber feet to prevent sliding.
  • The rebounder frame is Dupont® powder coated Goalrilla orange to provide a clear target during use.
  • The light and durable net material makes for a quick and responsive return of the ball for the best training results.
  • Bungee cords and rebound net are UV resistant to ensure long life.
  • Full grain leather ball simulates a true hitting experience.
  • The system folds flat so it can easily be stored against your garage wall, or transported to and from the field.
  • Water Bags included.